Office Cleaning

Professional Office and Commercial Cleaning Service Perth WA.

Office or Commercial Cleaning can vary depending on the type of business and individual requirements … and all business have the following two reasons in common:

  • Your premises is a reflection of your business … it is wise to provide the best “first impression” to your clients
  • A healthy, professional environment will empower your employees and help keep them safe

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Cleaning Schedule:

We don’t want to interrupt your work or your clients so we are available to schedule your cleaning after hours … mornings, evenings, weekends.

Most businesses schedule cleaning for a minimum once a week … your business may require it more often and we can discuss it with you. You may also need to consider your Covid19 risk mitigation policy which may impact the cleaning/disinfecting schedule.

In many cases we develop a specific cleaning plan for each business.

What you can expect:

We are really good at what we do … and we need to be realistic. We will make your office hygienically clean and “feel sparkling” … we don’t have “fairy dust” so cannot make old into new and damaged into undamaged, much as we would like to.

We do take extra care … we are reliable and we do constantly communicate with you. We treat your office like our own.

PAYMENTS: For Office/Commercial Cleaning we invoice on the day and our terms are 7 days.

SHORT NOTICE CANCELLATIONS: Everyone has situations that arise in life and we are flexible (subject to “fair use”). However, cancellations with less than 2 clear days notice are charged as though the cleaning was was done.

Text us now on the floating Messenger link or via Contact.