FAQ – Questions/Terms

This FAQ and Preamble is for information purposes and also forms part of the Terms of Service for Perth Clean: House Office and Oven AND Perth Clean Group. 

Any questions: Text us now on the floating Messenger link or via Contact.


We only take clients that we personally relate to and who are on the same page as us.  Consider us your partners in having your environment be clean and comfortable. Your requirements and what we provide are discussed with you before we start … it means that both you and ourselves know what to expect … which leads to more satisfactory results for you.

We are really good at what we do … and we need to be realistic. We will make your home hygienically clean and “feel sparkling” … we don’t have “fairy dust” so cannot make something old into new and damaged into undamaged, much as we would like to. 

We do take extra care … we are reliable and we do constantly communicate with you. We treat your home like our own. As with your own home, sometimes things go wrong and something may be damaged … if this ever happens, we will communicate with you immediately. Having said that, our cleaning is done on an “all care and no responsibility basis”. 

1. What cleaning services do you offer?

We offer three primary services: i) Home Cleaning. ii) NDIS focused Home Cleaning. iii) Office/Showroom Cleaning. We also do casual, catch-up or “spring cleaning” and end of lease cleaning however these have limited availability and existing customers and their referrals are prioritised.   

2. Is your service appropriate for me? 

We only take clients that we personally relate to and who are on the same page as us. Consider us your partners in having your environment be clean and comfortable. Cleaning is an “intimate relationship” / special relationship/intimate relationship. And not all relationships match in this world. Our process provides you with better value, a personal service and clear communications. If we feel that we are not the cleaners for you we will lets to know.

3. Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?

Yes, we use our own eco-friendly cleaning supplies and “state-of-the-art” equipment to ensure the highest quality of service. It is not necessary for you to provide anything. 

4. Can I provide my own equipment and supplies?

Yes of course, we understand that some clients have specific needs or requirements or like to use particular products or equipment. Where possible we will accommodate your requirements.  

5. Are your cleaners trained and insured?

We consider “Cleaning” is a profession and have developed a system that ensures high and consistent results. Our team is trained on our system which is outcome based and includes not only the cleaning itself but, also customer service and attitude. We carry insurance, team members are vetted to ensure reliability and trustworthiness, they are police cleared and those serving NDIS clients have completed the NDIS Worker Orientation Module. 

6. How often can I schedule cleaning appointments?

You can schedule cleaning appointments as frequently as you need them. Whether you require multiple times a week, weekly or fortnightly. Monthly or one-time cleaning services are available but subject to availability. We’re flexible and will always try to tailor our schedule to meet your preferences.

7. What areas do you serve?

Our service areas are: Inner Suburbs (including those south of the river (Example: Rivervale, Victoria Park, Como), Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs (bounded by Gnangara Rd/Ocean Reef Rd and including Ellenbrook/Aveley). If you are unsure if you are in our service area then just ask. 

8. Do I need to be present during the cleaning?

Most of our clients prefer not to be present during cleaning as it can be done more efficiently in an empty house. We will make arrangements with you for secure key or code access. 

9. How do I book into your cleaning schedule?

Booking a cleaning appointment is easy! Just use the floating messenger or the contact form. We will then have quick call to explore your requirements and explain how we work. We usually also do a FREE pre-cleaning visit. This is for you to know who we are and for us to have a clear understanding of your needs and how our team will best meet them. 

10. What happens if there is COVID-19 or influenza in the house?

The health and safety of our clients and team are our top priorities. Team members are not schedule for cleaning if they have Covid-19 or influenza. In the same way we do not do cleaning jobs where there is COVID-19 or Influenza in the household. Our “Short Notice Cancellation Policy” may apply. 

11. What about other WHS situations. 

Our team needs to be working in a safe environment and with safe process as per WHS requirements. Example: Our team does not work at heights and does not move heavy items. We take each situation on its merits from a WHS respective.

12. How do you handle pets during cleaning appointments?

We love pets! Our team is pet-friendly and will work around your furry friends with care and respect. In the case of your doggie pets, some have a better experience during cleaning if they are outside. Tip: Have “treats” available for our team to give your doggies. 

13. What are the payment terms? 

For Home Cleaning: We accept cash or direct deposit organised prior to or on the day. For NDIS Home Cleaning: We invoice you or invoice your Plan Manager directly. For Office/Showroom Cleaning: We invoice you and invoices are due and payable on receipt. 

14. Can I cancel a scheduled clean? 

We understand things happen and we are flexible. We may be able to re-schedule you to another time in the same week. If you are going on vacation, we can pause you cleaning while you are away and hold your cleaning slot open. There is no charge for this. Re-scheduling and pausing are subject to “fair use” and our “Short Notice Cancellation Policy”. 

15. What is the Short Notice Cancellation Policy?

While we are flexible and try to accommodate changes to scheduled cleaning we do charge for Short Notice Cancellations. If you cancel with less than 2 clear days notice, the cleaning is charged as though it was done. 

16. How do your charges work?

We have one flat fee. There are no extras, no setup fees, no exist fees, no travel fees. There is a charge for short notice cancellations … read the Short Notice Cancellation Policy.  

Any questions: Text us now on the floating Messenger link or via Contact.